NZ blackcurrant is powerful in anti-oxidant/ glycation power and rich in lots other nutrients. 
New Zealand Blackcurrants are among the most antioxidant- rich berries, due to the high content of unique  anthocyanin pigments  lending the berries their rich purple color which is considered important for general health.

Blackcurrants are particularly noted for their protective effects on eye health, eye discomfort, and visual fatigue.

Studies increasingly show eating an anthocyanin rich diet in antioxidants can protect the eyes from oxidative damage and help bolster long-term eye health
Numerous tests confirm that black currant features specific anthocyanins that are known to increase blood flow to the eye and deter hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) oxidation. Antioxidant levels—especially anthocyanins—and complete nutritional values have been studied by various testing facilities and accredited universities that show substantial support for the use of black currant for eye health. Black currant also has natural vitamin C, adding to the antioxidant capabilities in eye health.

It is believed that many potential eye health benefits can be derived from the use of black currant anthocyanins including the relief of eye fatigue, an increase in visual acuity, and arterial relaxation to increase blood flow to healthy eyes.

The eyes are one of the most harshly used organs of the body being always exposed in oxidative stress due to the fact that eyes are usually functioning from the morning to night  a day. In addition eyes are constantly exposed to  intensive ultraviolet light from daylight, fluorescent lamps and also from computer monitors.

In order to grow high quality black currants, it is essential that four crucial growing conditions—clean air, abundant and pure water, nutrient-rich soil and undisturbed ultraviolet light—be present. New Zealand’s pristine environmental conditions, absence of pollutants and limited industrialization provide advantageous conditions for the cultivation of black currant. In addition, the typically very thin ozone layer over New Zealand allows more ultraviolet light to reach the growing berries thereby producing increased levels of the powerful anthocyanin antioxidants.

Best Quality Blackcurrants from New Zealand
Located in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand is an island country with moderate climate in all through year. With it low density of population and farming as its main industry together with its positive and proactive approach towards the conservation of environment, New Zealand is one of few countries on the earth which retains the purest and untouched nature.

Blackcurrant Production
95% of New Zealand blackcurrants are produced in two area, Nelson and Canterbury districts on the South Island of New Zealand, whose climate is most suited to the farming of blackcurrants with cold temperatures in winters and long sun time with strong UV in summers.
Blackcurrants grown under the ideal conditions in New Zealand have the best quality with the highest density of nutrition substances and the richest flavors. Together with the purest environment of New Zealand, our thorough product management system ensures the safety of New Zealand blackcurrants.
Since 1820'S when first brought to New Zealand by first immigrants from UK, blackcurrants have always been with New Zealand people in their daily lives and it was widely and commonly used for medicine and food ingredients.  Many food and beverage products with blackcurrants are available in New Zealand and that shows unchanged popularity of this berry with its distinguish flavor and healthy effects.

Secrets of New Zealand Blackcurrant
Blackcurrants generates substances called "Phytochemicals" to protect themselves from their growing environment.  This explains why, as the environment where blackcurrants grow differ, the characters differ from one to another. Grown in New Zealand's cold winters, long sunshine hours and strong UV rays in summers, New Zealand blackcurrants produce much more "Phytochemicals" in them than blackcurrants grown in other parts of Europe.
Anthocyanins, one of the "Phytochemicals" in blackcurrants, characterize the berry's deep purple color and its strong antioxidant activity.  New Zealand blackcurrants are high in Anthocyanin and the densithy is up to three to four times richer than that of blackcurrants from Europe.


Safety Assured New Zealand Blackcurrants
Striving for the safest blackcurrants products, New Zealand blackcurrant industry which consists of governments, growers, research institutes and processing companies, has been working together as one solid unit.  Just as the horticultural environments by growers to produce the purest possible crop with safest methods to control insects and disease on plants, we also introduced a complete traceability system which enables us to track down all the data of crop at any stage of the process and distribution stages.Safety assured black currants, this is our pride.

Traceability System.
Each harvest-unit recorded by data including grower, type of blackcurrants, and harvest date.

Control insects by safe Pheromone-band


Everlasting Efforts for the Future
Though the health effects of New Zealand blackcurrants have been supported and testified by many studies and clinical data, not much known how blackcurrants substance acutally work for those effects.  To find more about the secrets of this berry, New Zealand Cassis industry has been actively progressing research and studies incorporating with New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research. 

New Zealand is a leading country in plant breeding across all horticultural products and exports developed breeds to all over the world.  This is particularly true of the New Zealand Blackcurrants Industry with its commitment to plant breeding for new breeds with stronger health benefits and better crop.

Scientist/ Inspector of New Zealand Blackcurrant Dr. Joeff Langford