Just the Berries' Farm


At the Just the Berries’ farm, we grow the highest quality blackcurrant berries called Ben Ard, which produce 1,200mg of anthocyanins per 100g, compared to 400-500mg of anthocyanins obtained by other blackcurrants grown in Europe.

Through Just the Berries’ partnership with Crop and Food Hort Research, we have been able to constantly evaluate and improve our growing practices to provide a safe product while maximizing the nutrient value of our fruit.

Our New Zealand blackcurrants are the most nutrient dense, contain powerful antioxidants, and exhibit strong antioxidant activity when compared to other blackcurrant berries and even other fruits such as pomegranate, blueberries and cranberries.


The Just the Berries farm (Eder Farm) uses compost tea as a means for controlling pests and diseases, with the result that Just the Berries is the only company that can offer blackcurrant powders made with berries that have not been sprayed with any pesticides. The Just the Berries farm has developed its own unique methods and cultivars, which are not only more productive and richer in nutrients, but also have a higher resistance to pests and diseases. This strong resilience is a very important factor in the crop’s safety, as it has allowed us to eliminate the amount of chemicals applied to our blackcurrants.

Immediately following the annual harvest of our New Zealand blackcurrants, all raw materials are placed on an initial quality hold and only upon meeting our strict requirements through rigorous testing, are they released into production. Not last of all, New Zealand is home to many government and research organizations dedicated solely to the study and continual improvement of blackcurrant horticulture and health benefits.



The blackcurrant industry throughout New Zealand is a strictly regulated infrastructure designed to maintain the highest reputation for product safety and quality excellence. New Zealand is recognized for having one of the most technologically advanced agricultural industries in the world, and the country’s farmers and horticulturalists lead the world in integrated management and environmentally friendly ways to control pests and disease throughout the growing process. The strict regulations, horticulture practices and high standards demonstrate New Zealand’s commitment to product safety and quality, and that is how New Zealand blackcurrants maintain their super reputation as the world’s best blackcurrant berries.

10 YEAR AVERAGES- Anthocyanins, Vitamin C and Polyphenols:

  • Anthocyanin: 1,150mg – 1,300mg per 100g
  • Vitamin C: 400mg - 500mg per 100g
  • Polyphenols: 1,300mg – 1,800mg per 100g