Brain and Mood

Blackcurrant Anthocyainins Support Brain Health

Long-Term Brain health plus, Focus, Attention, Memory and Fatigue!


Amazing clinical research has found taking blackcurrant anthocyanins can help improve you brain power and protect long term brain health!

Immediate Brain Health Effects

Blackcurrant Anthocyanis Helped Alertness and Focus Plus Accuracy During Fast Reaction and Memory Tests!!!

Scientists at Plant and Food Research found that within just 90 minutes of taking New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins participants had reduced mental fatigue and loss of alertness plus, improved accuracy of memory and reactions!

Long-Term Brain Health Benefits

According to Dr. James Joseph, a researcher from Boston’s Tufts University, blackcurrants may help significantly delay and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This is because Blackcurrants support the increase of dopamine levels (which are low in Alzhiemer's patients) and, have incredible Anti-oxidant strength whcih helps fight the damageing effects of free radicals. Dr. Dilip Ghosh, chief research at HortResearch in New Zealand, has proven that oxidative stress would be rendered harmless byblackcurrant anthocyanins, effectively suppressing the generation of beta amyloid, a harmful protein produced in the brain, while at the same time protecting healthy brain cells.