Hair and Nails

Alopecia in both men and women occurs due to a variety of factors including prescription drugs, iron deficiencies, damaging hair treatments and genetic predisposition.  Research has recently found that supplementing a diet with blackcurrant seed oil may drastically improve hair thinning and pattern balding.  GLA and ALA, both found in the New Zealand Blackcurrant, may inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT is the most common factor in male pattern balding and female balding, and supplementing GLA and ALA in the diet may inhibit the production of this key hair loss component.  GLA also works as an anti-inflammatory, which assists in re-growth, alleviating dry, itchy scalp conditions; and because GLA restores moisture in the skin, hair follicles are moisturized, causing the reduction and elimination of dandruff.

Nail growth also benefits from the components found in New Zealand Blackcurrants.  GLA is a precursor for some of the ceramides that from the skin’s protective barriers, including the cuticles.  Black currant supplementation may help resolve the inflammation associated with damaged and dried cuticles, thereby promoting nail health and growth.