Skin Health

Yes, Blackcurrant Oil benefits your skin!


Studies continue to prove that the ALA and GLA combination found in New Zealand Blackcurrants alleviates the symptoms of numerous skin health complications. Supplementing the diet with this proper essential fatty acid combination decreases redness and water loss from skin, improves dry and rough skin, increases cell resilience, and aids in collagen loss, which helps to combat wrinkles.

As women mature, a decreased level of estrogen can lead to wrinkles in the skin. GLA is vital to cell functions and acts as a natural humectant, drawing much needed moisture to the skin. These components, found in the New Zealand Blackcurrant, help the skin regenerate, thus making wrinkles and dry, damaged or aging skin a thing of the past. In recent studies, even environmentally and severely damaged skin received renewed moisture and smoothness when a GLA supplement was used.


Along with wrinkles, acne also drastically benefits from GLA. Acne is caused by an increase in the production of androgens, stimulating the oil glands beneath the skin surface, to increase the production of sebum (oil). Deficiencies in essential fatty acids can lead to the over-production of sebum, causing acne. Taking a GLA supplement, such as New Zealand Black currant products, is a natural treatment that will balance the sebum production, with significantly lower side effects than over the counter and prescription medications. Recent studies also show that individuals suffering from eczema and psoriasis may also find relief with New Zealand Blackcurrant products.

GLA is one of the world’s most recognized substances for the maintenance of overall skin health, and with highly concentrated GLA, blackcurrant seed oil is a key ingredient for skin restoration when used as a dietary supplement, and research is currently being conducted to determine the benefits of GLA oils when applied topically.


The anthocyanins found in New Zealand Blackcurrants also significantly benefit skin health, as this powerful antioxidant can decrease signs of aging, neutralize enzymes to reduce inflammation, protect tissues from oxidative damage, and repair damaged blood vessel walls. This means smoother skin with reduced redness, under-eye circles and the visibility of veins through the skin, including varicose veins.

According to one report, the consumption of blackcurrant berry polyphenols improved blood circulation and significantly reduced dark circles and puffy areas under the eyes, all in just 15 minutes. In an additional test conducted by Massey University, blackcurrant powders were not only absorbed into the body in 30 minutes, but the powder also provided sustained effects for up to eight hours. This is due to the anthocyanins glycosides from the blackcurrant powders, which remained active in the blood stream.

The powerful GLA and anthocyanin combination of the New Zealand Blackcurrant berry makes it a prime addition to any daily routine, naturally eliminating everything from acne and eczema to under-eye circles.