Sports Health

Clinical Test Results:
Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Support Sports Performance and Health!

Recent clinical research has shown the amazing Anthocyanins from New Zealand Blackcurrants provide powerful support for Sports Performance and Health!!

Benefits include:
Improved physical performance by boosting:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Endurance

Improved mental performance under pressure by supporting:

  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Lower mental fatigue
  • Memory
  • Accuracy
  • Reactions

Improved vision to help performance during competitive sports.

  • Helps dark adaptation under low light conditions
  • Improved refractory index for better focus
  • Relaxes eye fatigue helping maintain optimal vision

Faster recovery times and reduced risk of injury

  • Reduced lactate build up (which causes tired and sore muscles)
  • A more intense initial inflammatory response initiates recovery faster
  • Shorter delayed inflammatory response for faster recovery, resolution and repair
  • Lowers risk for injury

Increased endurance

  • Reduced lactate build via improved blood circulation
  • Ability to train at higher intensity for longer can improve overall 'game-day' performance

Increased resistance to infection, including cold and flu

  • Anti- pathogenic effects of anthocyanins (anti-viral and bacterial)
  • Heightened acute inflammation response helps body prepare protection against disease

Rapidly absorbed into the blood

  • Within 15 minutes
  • Stable for over 8 hours
  • Improved circulation

Clinical Research Data:

New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Improve Sports Performance and Endurance in Elite Athletes!
     University of Chichester, Department of Sports and Exercise  (UK)
Subjects:            14 trained male cyclists
Treatment:          Participants were given 105mg Blackcurrant Anthocyanins per day for 7 days, then were tested on the 16.1 km cycling time trial. Performance results were recorded over the last quarter of this trial.
Results:              Compared with placebo, participants receiving blackcurrant anthocyanins improved time trial results by up to 8.6%. They also had increased cycling speed throughout the last 75% of the time trial!

New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Improve Sports Performance and Endurance in Elite Athletes!

Researchers:     University of Chichester, Department of Sports and Exercise  (UK)
Subjects:           13 physically active males
Treatment:         Participants were given 105mg Blackcurrant Anthocyanins per day for 7 days, then were monitored during a sprint (fast run) test. Performance results, including distance covered, were recorded.
Results:             Compared with placebo, participants receiving blackcurrant anthocyanins on average covered more than 10.8% more distance during the trial, 1 in 3 participants improved distance by more than 15%!

Blackcurrant Help Imrove Blood Circulation

Blackcurrant anthocyanins improve blood circulation throughout the body helping to promote cell growth and organ function. During and following sports activities, improved circulation helps increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles. This also helps increase the rate at which deoxygenated blood and lactic acid get back to the heart (helping increase the rate of recovery and decrease muscle soreness)
A study utilizing thermo-imaging demonstrated Blackcurrant Anthocyanins improved blood circulation. Subjects receiving the anthocyanins recovered hand temperature following cold treatment within 10 minutes. Whereas the control treatment groups hands remained cold even after 15 minutes.


Blackcurrants Help Improve Performance and Recovery!

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins have powerful benefits that help athletes both during and post exercise.

A study commissioned by the New Zealand Berry Group, provided blackcurrant extracts to a number of athletes from different sporting codes and assessed weather they noticed any beneficial effects. Results showed that over 80% of responses we positive ranging from improved performance to reduced soreness and speedier recovery!

Blackcurrants Help Improve Muscle Activation

Blackcurrants have also been shown to help improve muscle activation which may help improve efficiency and performance. This could have significant implications supporting competitive sports, body building and even recreational exercise!
The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd. studied 8-12 week old mice, who consumed a Blackcurrant juice prior to muscle stimulation. Samples were taken before supplementation then at 0, 1, 3, and 24 hours after stimulation. Results found Blackcurrant juice increased cytokine concentration which could have a positive effect on overall muscle performance.


Blackcurrants Promote Quick Thinking and Focus

Blackcurrants can not only help improve physical performance and recovery during and post exercise, but may help with mental aspects too. Specifically, blackcurrants may help increase mental performance when fatigued.

Research from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research identified the benefits of Blackcurrants on mental acuity during a clinical trial involving 35 young adults. In this study subjects underwent intense mental challenges (for over an hour) designed to be long, stressful and tiring. Researchers found that blackcurrant anthocyanins were able to reduce mental fatigue, reduce loss of alertness and improve accuracy of memory (when reacting  quickly).



Blackcurrants Help Enhance Optimal Eye Function and Vision

Vision is one of the most important aspects of competitive sport, seeing the ball, your opponent, teammates or an available gap can be the difference between success or failure! Blackcurrants offer a number of powerful benefits that support optimal vision including: helping with focus, adapting to dark conditions and improving optic blood flow.

Japanese researchers tested the ability of different berries to support refraction in the eye (including blackcurrants and bilberries). They found blackcurrants had an impressive positive influence while other berries provided no benefit.

Blackcurrants Help Boost Anti-inflammation, Immunity and Recovery


Blackcurrant anthocyanins help regulate the body's natural inflammatory response following exercise. This can help decrease recovery times, boost the body's ability to fight infection and reduce the risk of damage associated with prolonged inflammation.

Researchers at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research found in their clinical trials, subjects receiving Blackcurrant Anthocyanins had changes to their inflammatory response! Potentially decreasing recovery times and preventing injury and disease!!

Blackcurrants Help Increase Endurance and Reduce Soreness

New Zealand Blackcurrant help the body reduce lactate build up which is made as a byproduct of exercise. When Lactate build up too much it makes our muscles feel tired and sore, by decreasing the buildup of lactate New Zealand blackcurrants may help athletes and sports people exercise for longer, feel less sore afterwards and promote faster recovery.
Research from the university of Chichester in the UK found a 7 day treatment with Blackcurrant was able to  delay the buildup of  Lactate while at maximum aerobic power. This implies Blackcurrants may help athletes perform at their peak for longer, train harder and recover faster!

Blackcurrants Have Incredible Anti-oxidant Strength that Help Protect the Body from Free Radical Damage

Blackcurrants have incredible anti-oxidant strength (much higher than most other fruits and berries). Taking blackcurrant anthocyanins helps prevent the damage caused by elevated production of free radicals (also known as oxidative stress) during  exercise. In doing so, Blackcurrant anthocyanins may help decrease soreness and speed up recovery following exercise!