Individually quick frozen (IQF) Organic New Zealand Blackcurrants

Premium Quality, Organically Certified, New Zealand Blackcurrants Carefully Packaged to Meet Client Specifications

New Zealand blackcurrants are among the most nutrient dense fruits available. Just the Berries PD delivers these high health fruit to clients using careful food safety procedures and world class freezing facilities. The result, top quality frozen  fruit  packaged and delivered as though it were freshly picked on the clients doorstep.


Innovative Processes Guarantee Product Freshness, Quality and Safety

  1. Following an order for Blackcurrant IQF, Just the Berries PD sources premium fruit graded to meet client specifications. These organically certified fruit are bred and grown  using advanced cultivation techniques that maximize both taste and health content.
  2. Fruit is then rapidly transported to a world class freezing facility that follows strict HACCP safety procedures (independently certified by SGS).
  3. Blackcurrants are then Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to immediately lock in the high health content plus maintain product usability and integrity.
  4. Fruit are then carefully packed and shipped according to client needs.

Highest Nutrient Dense Fruit in the World!

The combination of advanced techniques, fertile soil, fresh water and high UV sunlight (a result of New Zealand being so close to Antarctica) have made New Zealand blackcurrants the most nutrient dense fruits in the world!