Blackcurrant Polyphenol Extract

High Quality and Organic Polyphenol Extracts With ORACFN Values of Over 4,200,000!!

Blackcurrants (cassis) are one of nature's highest producers of polyphenols - a family of compounds with powerful health benefits. Just the Berries captures this high polyphenol content in its new product Blackcurrant Polyphenol Extract™ (BPE™).
This high value product is made exclusively from organically grown New Zealand blackcurrants using a proprietary non-solvent, freeze-dried extraction methods.

 The Superior Product Features of this High Heath Organic Ingredient:

  • Exclusive use of organically grown Blackcurrants
  • 100% pure 'Ben Ard' NZ blackcurrants - zero pesticides and foreign additives
  • Standardized to more than 75% polyhpenols (43% anthocyanins).
    • Assessed using Prussian Blue and HPLC methods respectively
  • Highest ORACFN value among berries and fruit extracts (4,200,600!!)
  • Contains the powerful flavonoids Myricetin, Quercetin and Kaempferol
  • Rare anthocyanin content with unique benefits supporting eye health
  • Significant  research literature supporting health claims


BPE™ Has An Outstanding ORACFN  Score of Over 4,200,000!

*Independently tested by Brunswick Laboratories

Colectivly these free radicals can cause significant damage to cellular compounds such as DNA, cholesterol, Vitmains and Lipids. They have been implicated in contributing to aging and in disease such as cancers, inflammatory disease and cardiovascular disease. In particular, Hydoroxyl Radicals are extremly reactive and mobile and  react with almost all biological compounds. These free radicals cause damage to cells throughout the body including in the eyes and brain.

Pharmacologically Active Myricetin, Quercetin and Kaempferol: Flavanoids That Naturally Support Healthy Living   

The rare Blackcurrant anthocyanins and high health flavanoids (Myricetin, Quercetin and Kaempferol) found in BPE™ support the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Thousands of research studies have collectively demonstrated their amazing pharmacological activities which include: cardio-protection, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and many more.


The Perfect Ingredient for Many Products

Over the last 10 years JTB has successfully added value to products within the cosmetic, functional food, supplement and beverage industries. Strong extraction expertise and significant product formulation experience has made Just the Berries PD the company of choice for innovative ingredient-solutions.

Specifications :

  • Readily water soluble, suitable for many types of products
  • Guaranteed shelf life active for over 3 years
  • Highly reputable provider with expertise in formulation, meeting specification and NPD
  • Made with solvent free, freeze-dried extraction methods to preserve quality
  • GMP certified facilities with strict QC and QA protocols
  • Packed in 10kg shipper case (2x5kg product boxes)
  • Full batch traceability back to the grower