Blackcurrant Jam

Traditional New Zealand Blackcurrant Jam™:
Full of Nature's Goodness!

Just the Berries now brings you the world famous health benefits of New Zealand's premium blackcurrants in a new and great tasting Jam! This product is carefully made using a vacuum cooker to carefully boil the blackcurrants while keeping their structure intact. This helps to retain the subtle flavors commonly lost through the use of other methods.

The Amazing Properties of This Delicious Jam:

  • Exclusively made with organically grown New Zealand Blackcurrants
  • Blackcurrants have double the antioxidant strength of blueberries and six times the strength of grapes! This helps fight the dangerous effects of harmful free radicals.
  • A rich source of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Blackcurrants naturally support eye and vision health, healthy gut and immune systems, blood circulation, cardiovascular health and brain activity
  • Made using traditional methods in the South Island of New Zealand by a sixth generation kiwi family

New Zealand Blackcurrants are the Highest Quality in the World!

Blackcurrant growers in New Zealand have, over many years, optimized their practices to minimize the use of pesticides and chemicals while maximizing great taste and healthiness. The combination of advanced cultivation techniques, fertile soil, fresh water and high UV sunlight (a result of being so close to Antarctica) have made New Zealand blackcurrants the most nutrient dense fruits in the world!

Just the Berries PD: Your Reliable Supplier of Blackcurrant Product/Ingredient Solutions

For the last 10 years Just the Berries PD has successfully has added value to products within the cosmetic, functional food, supplement and beverage industries. Strong extraction expertise and significant product formulation experience has made Just the Berries PD the company of choice for innovative ingredient-solutions.