BLKcurrant Anthocyanins inhibit virus attachment-CytokineStorm-2

Pre-Clinical Data (2015 Edition by JTB):  

Lab Tests Show Anthocyanins Have Powerful Anti-Virus & Microbial Properties, Ideal For Virus Prevention!

Researchers showed the exact same Blackcurrant Anthocyanins extract had incredibly powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. This led researchers to state, “The findings demonstrate the potential of blackcurrant extract as a functional food for cold and flu care”!

Test Materials: Human cells in culture

Results: Blackcurrant Anthocyanins inhibited infection of cells by H1N1 2009, HSV-1 virus by

over 95%. Plus, killed over 99% of certain bacteria’s.

Institution: Fukushima Medical University School, Asahikawa Medical University, Japan.

Publican: Ikuta, K. et al (2012)

Clinical #2 (2015 Edition by JTB):

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Help Protect and Against Influenza via Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties!!

Norwegian researchers found Blackcurrant reduced the amounts of inflammatory compounds in the blood. These exciting results suggest Blackcurrant Extract may be useful in protecting against Influenza.

Participants: 120 men and women

Duration: 3 weeks

Dose: 300mg Blackcurrant Anthocyanin per day

Results: Significant reduction of inflammatory compounds in the blood

Institution: University of Oslo and the Ullevaal University Hospital in Norway

Publication: Paur, P. et al. (2007)

Clinical Research: (Subjects 118)

Blackcurrants Reduce Expression of Cytokines Involved in Causing Inflammation

 Begins in the lungs and ends in the lungs = Covid-19  

COVID-19 is the same respiratory disease as influenza, and the new viral gene has many similarities with the SARS virus, so it was named SARS-CoV-2.

Specific symptoms may start with fever, cough, no smell, and no taste and eventually develop acute pneumonia like ARDS caused by Cytokine Storm.

The Lancet Medical Journalsays that 25% of people are asymptomatic but others get infected from those infected people with no symptoms and 21% of the infected people become serious ill and need mechanical ventilation to survive from ARDS. The Lancet emphasizes that in the getting ill process of infected people there are clearly three steps:






The coronavirus itself does not mostly and directly damage the body but their own defense system of cytokinescauses their body’s immune system to overreact, resulting in bad infections in his own lungs, heart, kidneys, which may results in multiple organ failuresuch as sepsis.

The sharpest divide came at age 70. Although 4% of patients in their 60s died, more than twice that, or 8.6%, of those in their 70s did, Covid-19 kills an estimated 14.8 % of patients 80 and older.

Covid-19 is on track to kill far more people in the United States this year than the seasonal flu.

But some people don’t even get symptoms. Recent studies suggest as many as 80 percent or more of those infected are “silent carriers”, showing no or very mild symptoms. It seems children and young, healthy people are more likely to be asymptomatic.

Boost Up an Excellent Adaptive Immune Response!!

Having a strong immune response during the incubation period can prevent the infection taking hold, reduce the actual quantity of virus in the body and prevent it from getting to the lungs.

By generating an early adaptive immune response, the body seems to recognize the virus during the incubation period and fight it off.

A person also needs to be generally healthy to be able to mount an appropriate immune response to the infection.

Less ACE 2 or More ACE 2?  Important  – Healthy Modulation of ACE 2 

Elderly people and those with chronic lung disorders are more likely to develop ARDS and therefore to die if they got infected. This is currently thought to be due to these groups of people having fewer ACE2 receptors in their lungs.

This seems counter-intuitive, because the virus attaches itself to these receptors. However, ACE2 receptors have an important role in regulating the immune response, particularly in managing the degree of inflammation.

So the reduced levels of ACE2 receptors in the elderly may actually make them more at risk of a cytokine storm and severe lung disease.

Please Stay Safe and Healthy For Yourself and Your Family!!

Please be advised that we haven’t tested blackcurrant anthocyanins on the cell adsorption and/or Cytokine Storm in vitro or by human. However, Blackcurrant anthocyanins to improve our immune system by taking it for a while from many studies done in the past 20 years.